Library book sale haul

One of my favorite ways to buy books — besides indie book stores with used sections, of course — is at library book sales. If you go on the last day or two of the sale, you can load up on books for amazing prices. I found a couple of sales where the books were going for $5 a bag and came back with lots of treasures.IMG_2792 - CopyIMG_2793 - CopyIMG_2794 - Copy

IMG_2796 - Copy
This McSweeney’s title has an intriguing textured cover.

IMG_2798 - Copy

IMG_2799 - Copy
A book about medieval books.

IMG_2801 - Copy

IMG_2802 - Copy
A charming, old-timey handbook of 1904 vehicles (the book itself was published later)

IMG_2806 - CopyIMG_2803 - CopyIMG_2805 - CopyIMG_2807 - Copy

IMG_2808 - Copy
It’s always best when you find personal inscriptions inside!

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