New Fiction: Peanut Butter

I have new fiction today up at Tower Journal.

There were four ways to kill someone with peanut butter.     Beth had listed them herself.  So it was practically her own fault, Anna reasoned, that the last way was so easy.

Gym was the best time, when she had easy access to Beth’s lunchbox. In the midst of the dodgeball melee, Anna frowned, rubbed her stomach, and muttered to the male gym teacher about a certain time of month, earning a blush and unlimited bathroom rights. On her way to the lockers, she paused to watch Beth run from a boy who slung ruthless dodgeballs at the weak. Beth escaped him, but she wouldn’t escape this.

Anna crept into the changing room and opened the locker that she shared with Beth. She opened Beth’s backpack, unzipped her lunchbox, and took out one of the two hummus sandwiches, tossing it into the trash.     She replaced it with the decoy from her own lunchbox. She’d made it to look just like Beth’s: wheat bread, neatly folded plastic wrap, hummus smeared around the edges to disguise the peanut butter.     She shoved the sandwich into Beth’s lunchbox and zipped up the backpack. She slammed the locker shut and left.

Read the rest of the story over at Tower Journal’s Spring/Summer 2015 issue.

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