Month: January 2016

Tips for remembering reusable grocery bags

Avoiding plastic bags is one way to reduce your personal contribution to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But planning grocery trips is hard enough for a busy person, let alone remembering to bring those reusable bags. Here are a few tricks that help me to remember my bags:

If you drive:

-After a shopping trip, if you’re bringing multiple loads of groceries inside, empty your first bags immediately and then bring them right back to the car. Put them in the trunk and you’ll have at least 1 or 2 for your next shopping trip.

-Alternatively, if you’re bringing in plastic bags, take your reusable bags out to the car when you’re going back for the second load.

-At any time that you’re going to the car but not grocery shopping, try to throw a bag in the backseat.

If you walk:

-Put the reusable bags by the door, or even hang them on the doorknob on the day before you go grocery shopping.

-Alternatively, put your bags in a backpack/purse ahead of time. Or put them on the same hanger as your coat.

Over time, once you develop the habit, it becomes easier to remember your reusable bags.