Personal environmental goals

1) Support conservation organizations.

In progress: joined the Trustees of the Reservations and the Mass Audubon Society.

2) Learn more about the basic issues and devise larger strategies for helping.

Signed up for a course in Environmental Economics and another on in Conservation Biology with a focus on forests.

3) Use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic and paper. At stores like CVS, put my purchases in a backpack or a purse instead of using a bag.

In progress. I have managed to cut down on plastic bag usage for the most part, but sometimes forget to bring my reusable bags.

4) Use a real mug at work instead of paper cups.

In progress. Sometimes I do this, but I need to find a place to wash my mugs so I am not reluctant to use them more regularly.

5) Eat less beef.

This will be a challenging one. I eat beef somewhat frequently. But even if I can decide half or a third of the time to eat something else, that would reduce my consumption.

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