Month: January 2015

Quotes from the Memoirs of Berlioz

“I vowed as I left the Opera that I would be a musician come what might, despite father, mother, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and friends.”

“To the astonishment of everyone, [Cherubini] and servant pursued me round the table, knocking over stools and reading-desks in the vain effort to catch me, until at last I escaped, calling out with a laugh as I vanished: ‘You shall neither have me nor my name, and I shall soon come back and study Gluck’s scores again!'”

Dare Me Quotes

I deeply admire Megan Abbott’s novel Dare Me, which I have now read three times. During each read, some of the same lyrical moments jumped out at me as particularly excellent:

“…Mr. Feck, who gives her reams of pink fluttery hall passes from his desk drawer…” (26)

“I listen endlessly to Emily’s squeaking voice, the way it sputters and pipes and dances lightfoot and never, ever says anything at all.” (28)

“I feel so stupid with my own stupid fucking phone, with the little skins I have for it–hot pink, butterflied, leopard skin–and how it never leaves my crimped palm, a live thing that, it seems now, beats instead of my heart.” (38)

“For a moment, my fingers touch her hard back, which shudders like a bird’s. Touching it is like touching them, their beauty.” (108)