Literary Links

Once upon a time, in a land unimaginable today, writers could actually make a living by writing stories: a fascinating look at F. Scott Fitzgerald’s finances

Clifford Garstang’s Pushcart Prize ranking for 2015 is up.

Charles May reviews Best American Short Stories 2014.  I really like his critical reviews–he is a discerning reader, unafraid to either confirm or deny prevailing tastes.

An argument against National Novel Writing Month: Do a reading challenge instead.

This was an interesting New York Times article on Elizabeth Gilbert.  Reputations are so fickle.  I didn’t even realize she wrote “literary” fiction before Eat, Pray, Love.

I’m not on Twitter, and yet somehow even I have heard of the hilarious @GuyInYourMFA.  Monkeybicycle interviewed him.

Also, a thought: No sane writer trying to publish today can wait 3 months for one magazine to reply, with acceptance rates hovering around 1-2%.  You have to simultaneously submit, you simply have to.  I wonder if the few remaining lit mags that don’t accept simultaneous submissions have sentenced themselves to irrelevancy.

Here’s some energetic music for getting through Wednesday: Beethoven’s 8th Symphony, conducted by Herbert von Karajan.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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