The Hand Experiment

Reblogged from the excellent Dial M for Musicology

Dial M for Musicology


So I’ve promised to talk about what matters to me in the study of the arts. My fundamental idea here is a simple one: what we experience is always more than we can put into words.

Place a hand on the table in front of you. (Go on, do it.) Feel the coolness or warmth of it, the texture, the feeling of heat transfer as your hand becomes cooler and the table surface becomes warmer. Do you feel the sensations of all five fingers? The ball of your thumb? The palm? Notice how your hand and arm feel in connection to the rest of your body. Widen your focus to all you hear, smell, and see. Do this for a minute or so, not thinking about what you’re doing but just focusing on what it feels like to be you for a while. Stop reading this and pay attention to…

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