Literary Links

The sleeping habits of geniuses: Thank goodness.  Apparently many of them did sleep 7 to 8 hours a night.

How to enrage a writer.  I would have added, “Of course you can make money.  Just be like J.K. Rowling” to the list.

A moving review of Marina Keegan’s book

A hilarious review of Dan Brown’s Inferno

An English professor’s highly thoughtful blog on the short story

The Millions, one of my favorite places to read literary news

The Millions’s list of difficult books

Related: An online guide to Vladimir Nabokov’s Ada, a massive, highly challenging novel that I should read again

A new recognition for second novels

Rejection wiki: where writers can find out whether rejections were form, tiered, or personal.  (Tell a non-writer about this, they’ll look at you like you’re crazy).

The New Yorker writes about the myth of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the (in my opinion, aggravating) spate of Zelda novels that have come out recently.

A fascinating New Yorker profile of John Green

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